Trust Administration

Managing the affairs of a trust can be difficult. After a loved one passes away, there are many complexities to consider, including beneficiary rights and tax issues. At Ellahie Law Firm, we have necessary experience to carry out an orderly and proper trust administration. As Campbell trust litigation lawyers and probate litigation attorneys, we practice throughout Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area in these matters:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty and      defense of fiduciaries accused of having breached their duties;
  • Creditors' claims (both on behalf of creditors and defense against claims);
  • Partition of real property interests;
  • Determination of spousal property interests;
  • Title and ownership issues regarding real estate, stock and bond investments, and retirement assets;
  • Distribution of assets among Beneficiaries;
  • Surcharge and Reimbursement Claims;
  • Removal of Fiduciaries and  defense against motions for removal;
  • Will Contests, Trust Contests  and defense of Will Contests and Trust Contests;
  • Undue Influence and Capacity Issues;
  • Contract disputes.